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Get Rude Clothing has now moved , we are not using our blog on tumblr anymore ! So hit up our new site and block for a discount !

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So this weekend we shot for our Help Japan shirt ! We a full studio and 2 great models and a amazing video guy at our disposal  ! The day started off really rough but thing’s turned quick once everyone got situated in the studio. We were running on about a 2 day time frame for the editing to get done so we could submit as our entry for the Docker’s Wear The Pants Contest , But for the time frame we had i think it came out AMAZING. 


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   In response to the crisis in Japan Get Rude Clothing has chosen to release a shirt that we will be selling to raise money to help aid Japan during this terrible crisis.  For every shirt ordered a 10$ donation will be made to the American Red Cross foundation.  Currently shirts are only available for pre order; all shirts ship out Monday march 1st and will be available for regular purchase after that date.


Get Rude and Dirty Night Life !

Hey everyone !

   Once again it has been some time since i have made any post’s on here ! Hoping that will change once we get a new word press system implemented! So this post is just to recap our event at Dirty Night life ! We got a call from our favorite promoter over at dirty night life just a few day’s before there 3rd anniversary party asking if we would come out to their event as a sponsor and give out free stuff. How could we say no to this ?

 With 3 days before the event we got hard at work on making some promo items to give out ! After a lot of energy drink’s and lot’s of last minute trips to retail stores for supply’s we got a decent amount of merchandise to give out we would of had more if it weren’t for some stupid mistakes i made while printing.

Get Rude Event


Get Rude Dirty

Get Rude Clothing

Get Rude Get DirtyGet Rude Clothing Fans

Get Rude Fans

Get Rude Fans

All and all this was a GREAT night , gave out lots of shirts made lots of new friends! Hope to come back soon and do it bigger and better ! BIG thanks to Maggie , Brett Andrews , Jordan Cruz and Danny Mills ! Checkout more pictures on our fan page http://www.facebook.com/GetRudeClothingLLC


The Fresh Stock put us on there home page go and check it out !

Not your average paper work&#160;! Getting stuff ready in 2011&#160;!

Not your average paper work ! Getting stuff ready in 2011 !


New Years Eve


    Hey  people its new years eve and more importantly its almost Get Rude Clothings Anvisery!  Honestly i have no clue where the time went, it was this time last year i was sitting around telling every about how i was going to start my own clothing line and here we are already passing through our first year !

   I wont lie things came together better then i could ever expect. I really did not know what would come of this whole thing it hasent been easy but i will admit that things have fallen into place with the help of alot of people and a great fan base for our line .

  I  have HUGE plans and more motivation for the start of this year then i ever have i have to admit that towards the end of the year i got into a slump with things but i can promise you people that is over and im going to be working harder to push this line to the next level !

  On That note there are some amazing people i would love to thank ! Really going through the last year has showed me so much about business and people , friends and family. Running a business like this its hard to rely on anyone but its very nice when people step up and show a tremendous amount of support and without thees people Get Rude Clothing would be nothing.

Jordan-  I like to think of this guy as our Budget department he tells me when my idea’s are stupid, he is always willing to run numbers or figure out some kind of math equation for me and on A LOT of occasions he is there as a “Investor” when the budget is looking a little low.

Zach- Zach is a amazing photographer and friend , He lives about 3 hours from me but given enough notice is always willing to make the trip up just to help us out with a shoot with no questions asked ! Its really hard to find  someone so supportive and willing to help out without asking anything in return ! We wouldn’t of had such a good run without this guy giving us so much help on our first photo shoots and at our warped tour event !

Catherine- I wont say much about this girl but in the middle of the year she did help out quite a bit she was on our myspace , facebook adding tons of people and advertising for us getting models lined up and helped out ALOT at warped tour. The company definitely would not be where its at without her hard work and even though some recent incidents where caused by her we still feel that the work she did do for us strongly outweighs the bad.

Jamien - This guy is SUPER busy , working 2 jobs and managing a sports blog www.steadyprogression.com in his free time , But he is always willing to help us out with advertising running through clubs all night passing out flyers and listening to every single stupid idea that runs through my head .

Conner- One of the biggest supporters i have that is family he is always willing to spread the word about us and help out if and when we are in a tight spot !

Reggie- I met Reggie at a bank while setting up some business accounts , He asked what they were for and when i started talking about the clothing line i think we sat around for a hour just talking about stuff everything from my shirts to some sick clubs and even girls . But ever since that point Reggie has been a huge supporter of the line and is always willing to give me legal and business advise !

FANS !  You guys are amazing i have to admit i have never bought any sort of clothing online so it is a huge honor to know that you people are willing to buy our stuff ! We know its a hassle the shipping the paypal all of that ! But just know we appreciate you !

Debbie , kassi , nicole , amber , myca , michelle , Heather - I went to school with you all and  you guy seriously help out SO much it seems like no matter what time  is you all are willing to post something about the clothing line on facebook and myspace ! You guys give me so muCh motivation and starting out you were the first to buy our products ! Basically i love you all !

Models ?!- Iv told you i love you guys enough in emails ! But you girls are amazing lately things have gone a long way no more setting up photo shoots and hiring photographers. You guys have it all handled weather your in LA, Las Vegas or Oklahoma you girls seem to get amazing pictures of our stuff  ! Our customers love you and so do i !

         So thats it people my im thankfull for you all ! New years here we come !


Hey people !

So woke up to a big BOX of KICKASS this morning ! Thats right our new shirts are here ! And more goodies should be arriving in January ! Right now we only have a graphic design picture of our shirt ! Shoot coming soon with better pictures !

But this new shirt brings us to our next point !


With our new Fill in the blank shirt ! We are going to be accepting pictures of people rocking our tee’s with there own statement in the BLANKS ! The best one each month gets a free tee sent out to them ! Cant beat that can you ? So lets get you guys thinking about some stuff you can put on our new shirt !

"MY bush IS A hot mess"
"MY son IS A tax deduction"
"MY wife IS A hot moneypitt "
"MY body IS A trafic hazard "


Winter Release ! SPECTACULAR!

Hey everyone Long time no blog , so in just 2 WEEKS ! we will have our new winter shirt posted up in large stock ! We are very excited to show you guys what we have in store and even more excited to finally stock up on everything we currently have out of stock ! With that said how about a small little teaser ? Ya its not much but if we showed you anymore it wouldn’t be teaser picture right ?! So we have ALOT in store , but it all depends on how our winter line dose ! We have turned some of our focus to a new division of Get Rude Clothing ! A special division just for the girls who represent and model our clothing for us called Rude Girls ! The website is at www.getrudegirls.com Alot will be in store for this site including its own clothing and a small group of people who get to be apart of this site ! Apply now ! but the release date should be jan 1st .